Saturday 8 February 2014

The R.E.A.C.T 5 Golden Rules for Women’s Self Defence

5 Golden Rules

The R.E.A.C.T 5 Golden Rules for Women’s Self Defence

1. Your friend is not always a friend

More than 70% of rapes and attacks on women are perpetrated by someone they know, and more than 50% of attacks take place ether in or close to the victim’s own home.

2. There are always warning signs

The vast majority of attacks are preceded by some form of verbal assault. We call this the ‘Interview’. Knowing how to recognise and deal with the warning signs that the ‘Interview’ sends out can help you avert most attacks from ever becoming physical

3. Have a sliver tongue

Talking can sometimes do the trick. Reason, diplomacy, tact and a little psychology even compassion and sympathy can go a long way to subduing a potentially violent situation. The verbal defuse is a powerful tool and a few carefully chosen words can make all the difference.

4. Hit & Run

Get away as quickly as you possibly can. The Hit & Run principle has nothing to do with fighting. It means you must do something that interrupts the attackers thought pattern. Hit him with an assertive and confident yell…NO!!!! Or ask a question that makes him stop and think for a moment, it only takes a split second to breakaway and run. If you have no choice but to physically hit your attacker go for his eyes. 90% of the time a short sharp jab in the eye with a finger nail is all you will need to create enough time to escape.

5. Fight like a man

You have tried to talk your way out, to no avail. You seem to have no means of escape. The situation is getting uglier. What are you going to do now? Street predators have no scruples and do not attack a woman any differently than they would attack a man. If you fear for your life defend yourself with extreme prejudice using any means at your disposal. Become the predator and turn the attacker into your prey.

 Think like a woman, but fight like a man and focus like a predator.

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